EMC Expands “Data Protection Everywhere” Portfolio For VMware Environments

EMC Expands “Data Protection Everywhere” Portfolio For VMware Environments

With the launch of EMC Data Protection suite that targets VMware protection for integrated data environment, EMC has optimized the protection of workloads on the VMware sphere and VMware Virtual SAN to make the process very simple, quick and efficient.

Customers using the VCE VxRail appliances are now able to expand on built in protections and can use a wide range of data protection products such as Domain Virtual Edition and EMC Data which provide protection storage that is scalable, is cloud enabled and backs up data up to 50% faster. VCE VxRail appliances using Virtual SAN can now be integrated with EMC Data protection Suite to offer comprehensive solutions that provide for cost effective scaling, analysis, monitoring, file search, backup and recovery and non stop data protection for essential applications such as SAP, DB2 and Oracle.
























The integration of the EMC data protection platform and VMware software now empowers system Admins to plan, manage and monitor the security of any virtual workload through a standard EMC Data Protection Suite interface. The suites combined with the EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition are responsible for the quick, efficient but simple protection of VMware workloads from end to end continuously on the VMware interface.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines for VSphere APIs for Input/Output filtering now empowers system Admins to control replication through the VSphere storage Management by leveraging on the VMware framework. It uses a multi site synchronous and asynchronous technology for replication to offer up to zero RPO for any point in time recovery through a very robust no single point of failure architecture for advanced Virtual SAN topologies. With RecoverPoint, replication between Virtual SAN and non VSAN environments is supported making it greatly flexible.

EMC expanded data protection has simplified data protection management. A central monitoring, analysis, report and data search provide users with a one stop portfolio for all their needs. Time to backup data can now be reduced greatly while time to recover is also faster. Since these solutions are designed to seamlessly work together, VxRail appliances using EMC data protection are booted faster.

The integration of EMC data protection solutions has reduced storage requirements for data protection by as much as 30 times. The portfolio offers continuous protection for up to 1000 virtual machines with zero RPO making them very efficient. The protection storage is software defined for easy deployment and continuously supports essential applications like SAP, Exchange, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and others for backup as well as replication.